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Western Shoshone Lands


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To affirm Newe (Western Shoshone) jurisdiction over Newe Sogobia (Western Shoshone homelands) by protecting, preserving, and restoring Newe rights and lands for present and future generations based on cultural and spiritual traditions.

"We are who we are because our nation survived here. It is written on our earth."

Bernice Lalo, Western Shoshone

Western Shoshone Defense Project
P.O. Box 211308
Crescent Valley, NV 89821
www.wsdp.org |
click here to email
South Fork office:
Julie and Larson Bill, 775-744-2565
Western Shoshone Defense Project is an Affiliate of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development. http://www.7genfund.org

The 'Celebration' of Columbus Day

Transform Columbus Day Alliance
-more updates as we draw closer to early October

"What represented newness of freedom, hope, and opportunity for some was the occasion for oppression, degradation and genocide for others." - The National Council of Churches

As Native Americans in this day and age, we are survivors, we have survived the genocide, the federal Policy to "kill the Indian, and save the man"...
Columbus Day no reason to celebrate

Volunteer Interns Needed!
  • Web Designer:
    • Interest in and dedication to cause of the Western Shoshone
    • Working knowledge of HTML
    • Update site based on email direction with WSDP staff
    • We will provide initial software, files, and guidance
  • Fall 2009 Office Staff
    • Interest in and dedication to cause of the Western Shoshone
    • Law students prefered
    • Ability to temporarily relocate to Crescent Valley, Nevada
  • Grant Writer
    • Interest in and dedication to cause of the Western Shoshone
    • Experience writing grants for non-profits
For all positions, please contact Julie Cavanaugh-Bill:
775-744-2565 or click here to email.

W h a t   is   t h e   W S D P ?

The Dann Sisters How you Can Help
Who and What We Are  Resource Center
Honoring of The Elders Photo Gallery
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C U R R E N T  A R E A S

Yucca Mountain
UN : Human Rights
Corporate power vs. Indigenous Peoples
CERD : United States : United Nations
U N : Indigenous Peoples : Western Shoshone
U N : Statements from IP Caucus Regional Steering...
University of Arizona: Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program
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International Day of the World's Indigenous People
August 9th

indigenous people

The International Day of the World's Indigenous People falls on August 9 as this was the date of the first meeting in 1982 of the United Nations Working Group of Indigenous Populations of the Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities of the Commission on Human Rights.

The UN General Assembly decided on 23 December 1994, that the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples should be observed on August 9 every year during the International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples (resolution 49/214). Later on 20 December 2004 the assembly decided to continue observing the International Day of Indigenous Peoples every year during the Second International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples (2005-2014) (resolution 59/174).

In April 2000, the UN Commission on Human Rights adopted a resolution to establish the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues which was endorsed by the Economic and Social Council in resolution 2000/22 of 28 July 2000. The mandate of the Permanent Forum is to discuss indigenous issues related to culture, economic and social development, education, the environment, health and human rights.

Corbin Harney - The Nature WayNew Book by the late Corbin Harney, just released by University of Nevada Press.
- Press Release
- U. of Nevada Press Site
- More Info & Order Form


Cultural Program supports Newe culture for the defense of Newe Sogobia, Newe land rights and cultural areas.

  • Community Organizing Field Trips & Cultural Mapping
  • Training and Tools in the Newe Communities

Mining and Environmental Program prevents destruction of Newe Sogobia.

  • Research Education & Advocacy
  • Legal Strategies

Land Recognition Program affirms Newe land rights and works toward the reform of U.S. Federal Indian Law and Policy.

  • International Human Rights Advocacy Corporate Engagement Strategies
  • Outreach & Education