UN - Temple of Understanding to Honor Chief Looking Horse


Temple of Understanding to Honor Chief Looking Horse

The Wolakota Foundation (www.wolakota.org ) is proud to announce it's Founder, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, will be this year's recipient of the Temple of Understanding (TOU) Juliet Hollister Award.

TOU (www.templeofunderstanding.org ) is a Non-Governmental Organization with Consultation Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Each year, TOU gives an award to individuals whose work has advanced the ideals of inter-religious understanding and respect. This years' theme for the award is Interfaith and Peace. They have chosen Chief Looking Horse based on his contribution as "a Spiritual Leader who has brought interfaith values and peace to a diverse group of people worldwide" and "a leader who has experienced ethnic and personal injustice and tragedy and has transformed that experience through his spiritual tradition into a service for all humanity." They state that the prophetic warnings about the earth changes in Chief Looking Horse's words are valid on a global level; "We can either unite spiritually or face global disaster." This is now more critical than ever. They indicated this award is also on behalf of the L/D/Nakota Nation (aka Great Sioux Nation).

Past recipients of the award include: His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Her Majesty Queen Noor, The Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Sri Swami Satchidananda, Maestro Ravi Shankar, Henry Luce III, Mary Robinson, Dr. Wangari Maathai, Peter Max, Dr. Thomas Berry, Dr. Coleman Barks, Dr. Suheil Bushrui, Cokie and Steven Roberts, Dr. Hans Kung, Pir Vilayat Khan, Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook, Fr. Thomas Keating and Dr. Karan Singh.

We at Wolakota Foundation realize this award given to Chief Looking Horse would not have been possible without the commitment of Nations around the world that stepped forward to promote "World Peace & Prayer Day" in their countries and communities. We wish to acknowledge the many individuals who followed their spirit and believed in the healing of our ailing Grandmother Earth. We continue to promote June 21st as "Honoring Sacred Sites day" world-wide, to bring attention to the need for education and the protection of all Sacred Sites.

For those unfamiliar with Wolakota Foundation, we are a grassroots non-profit organization emerging from the needs of traditional Lakota/Dakota/Nakota people to maintain their cultural and spiritual life-ways for the sake of future generations. Since it's inception, the organization has sought to promote and protect as well as educate others about the traditional values and wisdom of Indigenous People.

The term Wo-lakota means: peaceful, responsible and caring, a compassionate and generous people. Wolakota encourages people to step forward in recognizing the value of their own cultural roots and in so doing, reconnecting with the strengths and wisdom that all traditional cultures hold in common - our connection to each other and to the Earth.

Wolakota Foundation's four core projects:

World Peace and Prayer Day - which promotes "all nations, all faiths, one prayer" to encourage everyone to take time on June 21st and join in the united prayer/meditation to heal our Grandmother Earth through honoring Sacred Sites.

Wolakota Youth Council -is a grassroots organization of Youth working together to protect our planet and our future. Through the initiative of the yearly sponsored "Prayer Run for World Peace"Temple of Understanding to Honor Chief Looking Horse"; which creates a goal to open the eyes of the participating youth, as well as the communities they run through, they state; "we, the future generations have a valid and conscientious concern for what we are inheriting in reference to the condition of the environment". Beginning May 2006 they will be running from Vancouver, BC to Eklutna, Alaska. Their prayers will go to the protection of ANWAR and the melting glaciers in Greenland. They have stated their hearts will go out to the animals, the land, and the people protecting them.

Wolakota Institute- is an ongoing dream and vision of a school to be created in the Sacred Black Hill of South Dakota, known as 'The Heart of Everything That Is'. As a residential institute built by the student-teacher community, it will be a global model for integrated learning and sustainability. The curriculum will include advanced technologies, renewable resource technologies as well as traditional culture. It will provide an environment for the discovery of unique, individual gifts and talents and for utilizing these gifts to build a model for sustainable global community.

S'unka Wakan (horse) Project - is a component that assists in fundraising in various Spiritual Rides for the intent and purpose of their own causes that the particular Ride chooses to bring attention. The Spiritual Rides bring awareness and understanding, to heal, promote unity, and to re-establish the historical connection among people and the horse nation.

We gratefully acknowledge the honorable work of the Temple of Understanding (TOU) through their representation at the UN and their support of Chief Looking Horse and others who promote worthwhile initiatives on behalf of all People.

Hetc'etu (it is so),

Wolakota Foundation