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Photo of DC Delegation - left to right (from back) - Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), Thomas R. Wasson, Jody Abe, Julie Fishel, Helen Dave, Bernice Lalo. (not pictured - Elwood Mose).
Western Shoshone lead protest at nuclear test site.
Western Shoshone grandchildren protest U.S. seizure of Shoshone livestock. (Oct. 2002) .
Western Shoshone grandmothers Mary and Carrie Dann talking shop. (2003)
Western Shoshone kickin' back in D.C. - Johnny Bobb, Delbert Holly, Evangeline Holly, Kathleen Holly, Carrie Dann, Mary Gibson
Open pits at Cortez mine located on Shoshone lands (The mine is owned by a joint venture between Placer Dome & Kennecott)
Mom and bay wondering why they can't be free.
Western Shoshone at Congress - James Stroud (WSDP), Mary Gibson, Carlene Burton, Bernice Lalo, Barbara Ridley, Kathleen Holley, Carrie Dann, Lois Whitney.
Teepee at sunset

Western Shoshone at U.S. nuclear test site
November 2003, Amnesty International Tour through Seattle, Washington. Left to Right: Marlena Okimow, Carrie Dann, Daniel Okimow, Victoria Redstarr (back row : g-g-granddaughter of Chief Joseph).
Carrie Dann and niece, Mary Gibson, during Mar. 2004 speaking tour in Flagstaff, Arizona

Carrie Dann speaking in
Denver, Colorado "Transforming Columbus Day 2004".

Moon rising over Newe Sogobia (Timbisha)