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15th Indigenous Environmental Network Gathering

-A Brief Report-

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A Brief Report on the
15th Indigenous Environmental Network
Protecting Mother Earth Conference

“Answering Mother Earth's Call for Healing
Reaffirming Our Roots

The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) gathering held in South Fork (Lee), Nevada from July  17-20 was a complete success.  shared storiesGuests from numerous nations came and shared their stories and cultures.  The opening day was started with the Sacred Fire being lit between 4:30—5:00am.  The Sacred Fire was then kept lit until the end of the gathering.

The days of the gathering were filled with many events for everyone.  Some of the events included circle talks with elders, youth discussions and activities, and environmental awareness.

Robbie Romero took the stage the first night and serenaded everyone with his music.  Afterwards everyone got to enjoy each others company by joining hands and dancing in the round dance. On the second night everyone had the honor of showing off their talent in the Talent Show.  There was an array of talent there that night that could make you laugh, cry, and everything else in between. 

hand gamesHand games were held on the third night.  Everyone got to sing  hand game songs, hoping it was their lucky night.  The last night ended with everyone saying their goodbyes to old and new friends. 

If you couldn’t make it to the gathering, don’t worry because you can listen to some of the discussions at: