Western Shoshone Land Defenders Form

    Name _______________________________ Address _____________________________________ 
    Phone & Fax _______________________________________ Email ________________________ 
    Please check all that apply: 
     Include me on the WSDP Community Contact list. I will "activate" in my home 
       community through email lists, the media and calling government officials.

     Add me to your Email Alert list.

     Please include me on your Emergency Defender List. I am able to come on short
       notice for at least a few days to offer a nonviolent presence and witness.

     I will try to bring a self-sufficient Emergency Defender group.

     I can offer: roundup skills ____, nonviolent training ____, broadcasting 
or video skills and equipment _____, cooking _____, or office skills _____. I can donate the following tools, cameras, office supplies or bulk foods

__________________________________________________________________________. I can send a monetary contribution. Amount ______________.

Become a Western Shoshone Defender!
Are you a citizen of the United States, the Western Shoshone Nation, or both? If yes, then someone signed the Ruby Valley Treaty for you. Exercise your right to uphold this unique Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The Western Shoshone Defense Project is seeking dedicated people to rebuild our Emergency Response Network now.

Now it's the U.S. Treasury Department!
The Indian Wars to seize lands and livestock for western expansion continues in late 2005! On August 18, 2004, Mr. Yowell received a letter from the U.S. Treasury giving him 10 days to pay $230,566 demanded of him by the BLM for outstanding "grazing fees and interest". The letter dated August 6 said, "If you wish to avoid the pending collection measures being prepared to collect your debt, you must immediately send your check or money order"; but the deadline had already passed. Meanwhile, the Danns and other Western Shoshone have received collection notices and threatening phone calls. Grazing fees and fines assessed against Mary and Carrie Dann top $5 million.

Send your filled in Land Defenders Form to:

Western Shoshone Defense Project
P.O. Box 211308
Crescent Valley, NV 89821