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( New World "Doctrines of Dispossession" - Racism against Indigenous Peoples )

( Litigation to Protect Western Shoshone Territorial Integrity )
  • Amnesty International ON line documentation Archive

  • ArizonaNativeNet  is a virtual university, designed ... especially for Native American communities. It is a higher education, multifunctional, outreach and distance learning telecommunications center/network/web-portal...

  • BE SAFE in the 21st century, we envision a world in which our food, water and air are clean, and our children grow up healthy and thrive. Everyone needs a protected, safe community and workplace, and natural environment to enjoy.  We can make this world vision a reality.  The tools we bring to this work are prevention, safety, responsibility and democracy.

  • Biological Diversity in Belize : Maps, Species, Ecological info ...

  • Black Mesa: Current Media Stories of Black Mesa .. In 1974 the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 93-531 allegedly to settle a so-called land dispute between the Dineh and their Hopi neighbors. This law required the forced relocation of well over 14,000 Dineh and a hundred plus Hopi from their ancestral homelands. The "dispute" being settled by PL 93-531 was, in reality, fabricated by the US government as a way to obtain easier access to strip-mine one of the largest coal reserves in North America...
  • Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) is a group of individuals acting to support the sovereignty of the indigenous people affected by mining activities on Black Mesa, who face forced relocation, environmental devastation, and cultural extinction at the hands of multi-national corporations, and United States and tribal governments.

  • Bring Back the Way Welcome to the website of Owe Aku! Owe Aku is a Lakota term that translates to "Bring Back the Way". We developed this website as a way to communicate with our friends, relatives, and allies; and to create more friends and allies! The website carries information on the work we are doing in our communities, tribes, nations and around the world.

  • Defend Bear Bear Butte Mountain is Sacred to Us ... to all those well-meaning bikers who participate in the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota, in August. We believe that the majority of you are not aware of the destruction the rally is causing to one of Indian peoples' most sacred sites ...

  • Buffalo Field Campaign The Yellowstone bison herd is unique, and is descended from 23 individuals who survived the 19th century near-extinction by taking refuge in the Park's remote backcountry. Unfortunately, America's only truly wild, genetically pure buffalo find themselves at the center of a violent conflict that can result in the yearly slaughter of hundreds or thousands of buffalo....

  • CAC Review (Blog) Dedicated primarily to presenting news, commentaries and essays on indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. The CAC Review will also cover issues, events and debates that concern indigenous peoples internationally.

  • Consejo Internacional de Tratados Indios El Consejo Internacional de Tratados Indios (CITI) es una organización de Pueblos Indígenas del Sur, Centro, Norteamérica y del Pacífico; que trabaja por la soberanía y la libre determinación de los Pueblos Indígenas, asimismo,  por el reconocimiento y la protección de los derechos de los indígenas, los tratados, sus culturas tradicionales y las tierras sagradas.

  • Continental Proclamation Abya Yala

  • areas of interest with additional information

  • Corbin Harney Corbin Harney,
    The Way it is: "One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth"
    A Western Shoshone medicine man from Nevada, Corbin Harney carries an urgent message for all people to return to a natural way of life. "The Native way," Corbin explains, "is to pray for everything."

    Blue Dolphin Publishing

    The Dann Sisters

  • Shown Apr. 11, 2003 on National Public Radio's 'Living on Earth: Sound Journalism for the Whole Planet': read ' Shoshone Sisters Fight for Land'. or listen to the .mp3 file

  • Dann Sisters - Newe Sogobia

  • Mary and Carrie Dann nominated by Jane magazine as Bad Ass Women of 2003

  • From: Amnesty International
    On the right side of the page click on: "REPORTS"
    Go down the right side of the page to RESOURCES click on the
    2003 Spring Newsletter (.pdf) "Indigenous Rights are Human Rights"

  • "Doctrines of Dispossession" - Racism against Indigenous peoples

  • Downwinders is a research and educational foundation started by former downwind resident of southwest Utah, and formally established in 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Downwinders takes its name from the residents living in the prevailing wind pattern surrounding the Nevada Test Site, and who have been constantly exposed to radioactive fallout from America's nuclear testing activities conducted there...

  • The Doctrine of Discovery And Its Implications for Yesterday and Today

  • "Doctrines of Dispossession" - Racism against Indigenous peoples The Phantom of Racism
    Racism and Indigenous Peoples
     "Racism has historically been a banner to justify the enterprises of expansion, conquest, colonization and domination and has walked hand in hand with intolerance, injustice and violence."
       check out Tonatierra's website for more information at

  • EARTH SCIENCE NEWS , Tsunami Gallery , Storm Gallery

  • Earth Works : "Protecting Communities and the Environment from the impacts of Mining, Digging, and Drilling" ... Recycle your cell phone for FREE, help keep toxic metals out of the environment, and support EARTHWORKS all at the same time! A citizen's guide to understanding and participating in oil and gas decisions affecting public lands....more
  • Environmental Working Group  ISSUE AREAS Environmental investigations have been our specialty... since 1993.

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation: A Quaker Lobby in the public interest. We seek a world free of war and the threat of war. We seek a society with equality and justice for all. We seek a community where every person's potential may be filled. We seek an earth restored.

  • The Geography of Self Determination

  • Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust: The Untold Story of the Genocide of Native PeoplesPeoples"

  • Global Women's Strike

  •  HOME Healing ourselves and Mother Earth
    Jennifer O. Viereck, Director
    760-852-4151 Fax 702-552-4151
    PO Box 420 Tecopa CA 92389

  • Honor the Earth a voice for the earth...a voice for those not heard

  • Indian Country Today "The Nations' Leading American Indian News Source"

  • At: Indian law Resource Center excerpt from "Indigenous Rights are Human Rights: Four Cases of Rights Violations in the Americas" - May 2003

  • Indigenous Action Media... providing Indigenous youth with the skills to address environmental and social justice issues through creative forms of media outreach.
    IAM offers documentary videography training, basic media strategy consultation and organizing workshops.
  • Intercontinentalcry The Community of Cutumay Camones, which resides near Santa Ana, El Salvador, has been protesting against the construction of a new landfill site that threatens to contaminate their drinking water. The landfill is positioned directly above a local aquifer, just 700 meters away from the community spring.... articles, Essays...
  • INET Indigenous Network on Economics and Trade "INET (Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade) is a network open to indigenous peoples and organizations from around the globe who want to defend and develop their inherent rights to their territories and indigenous economies." ( Español /Pour Information en Français/ Für Information auf Deutsch)

  • Indigenous People's Council on Biocolonialism The IPCB is organized to assist indigenous peoples in the protection of their genetic resources, indigenous knowledge, cultural and human rights from the negative effects of biotechnology.
    The IPCB provides educational and technical support to indigenous peoples in the protection of their biological resources, cultural integrity, knowledge and collective rights.

  • Americasjust say 'no' to papal bull

  • Indigenous Women's Network "IWN’s goal is to nurture and support grassroots, reservation-based Indigenous leadership among Native women and youth by revitalizing sovereignty over our communities and bodies through honoring our traditions and cultures".

  • International Indian Treaty Council The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands.

  • International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) IWGIA's overall mission is to endorse and promote indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, their cultural integrity and their right to development on their own conditions. In order to fulfil this mission, IWGIA works within a wide range of areas: documentation and publication, human rights, lobbying and advocacy, research and projects. Castellano / Français / English

  • The Legacy of Fifteenth Century Religious Prejudice

  • Lemhi-Shoshone meet Lewis Clark Expedition Aug. 1805, Sacajaweas people the Lemhi-Shoshone were stripped of federal recognition and exiled in 1907 - and the Lemhi people have been seeking to return ever since.

  • "Leonard Peltier Defense Committee" Communication from Leonard Peltier.
    Official Website International Office of the ... Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

  • The Case of Leonard Peltier

  • Nuclear Information and Resource Service NIRS/WISE   is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.

  • The Nuclear Information Project Divine Strake: Global Strike Low-Yield Nuclear Simulation.

    The Nuclear Information Project is a public education project with the Federation of American Scientists that works to provide the public with access to declassified documents and analysis about nuclear weapons policy and operations.

    Of particular focus is the role of nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War era, and how concern about weapons of mass destruction proliferation and terrorism is affecting nuclear planning of existing nuclear weapon states.

  • Oxfam America is a non-profit organization that works to end global poverty through saving lives, strengthening communities, and campaigning for change. We are an affiliate of Oxfam International.
    News & Publications Oxfam America keeps the public informed with timely news stories and articles on our work around the world. We also produce a variety of publications to support our regional program, public education, policy and advocacy, and fundraising efforts.
  • Pope asked to revoke papal bulls

  • Project Underground  a vehicle for the environmental, human rights and indigenous rights movements to carry out focused campaigns against abusive extractive resource with the problems created by the mining and oil industries by exposing environmental and human rights abuses...
    Digging Holes in the Spirit Gold Mining and the Survival of the Western Shoshone Nation - a report from Project Underground
  • A Museum That Addresses the Story od Genocide Star Quilt Project    .pdf .doc
  • RED NATION WEB TELEVISION channel the first american indian channel featuring all american indian programming set to make its nationwide debut

  • Right Action funds community-controlled development, environmental, human rights and emergency projects in the global south, particularly Guatemala, Chiapas (Mexico), Honduras and Haiti. We do education and activism work with North Americans and help form north-south alliances to address and remedy global exploitation, repression, enviro-destruction and racism.

  • Rising Tide North America Rising Tide is an international network born out of the conviction that corporate-friendly and state-sponsored “solutions"? to climate change will not save us. As a matter of survival, we must decrease our dependence on the industries and institutions that are destroying the planet and work toward community autonomy and sustainable living. (chapters, peoples, projects, also outside U.S.)

  • SIX NATIONS SOLIDARITY   "The colonial governments have been acting dishonorably for over 200 years. Nation-to-nation negotiations must move forward and must be accompanied by impartial, independent, international observation to ensure that Canada and Britain live up to their legal responsibilities and agreements. Six Nations people resisting colonial theft of their lands are not criminals.  see also Six Nations does not stand alone, from ZNet

  • Sustainable Nations "We call for sustainable and approprate developement that is guided by the values and teaching of our ancestors. We call for an economic base that would truely empower our people rather than the pockets of transnational corporations, tribal, state and federal governments."

  • Stop Newmont Mining "Because life is more precious than gold."

  • Shundahai Network Dedicated to Breaking the Nuclear Chain. Shundahai is a Newe (Western Shoshone) word meaning "Peace and Harmony with all Creation"
  • "Social Solutions to Poverty: America's Struggle to Build a Just Society"
    by Scott Myers-Lipton
  • A Museum That Addresses the Story od Genocide Star Quilt Project    .pdf .doc

  • Stop Divine Strake

  • " Think outside the bomb" National Youth Conference on Nuclear Issues. Inspired by the need for a new generation of leaders working toward a nuclear-free world, the participants agreed to establish the Think Outside the Bomb National Youth Network.

  • Treaty Council News 2006 "Hard copies" will be available at the Treaty Conference or upon request to Sherri at the SF office after the conference. Please circulate..."on line" version. International Indian Treaty Council Web Site: email:   Office: 907-745-4482 Fax: 907-745-4484

  • Union of BC Indian Chiefs One of the main principles of the UBCIC is that, despite our differences, we will be stronger if we work together. the work of our people,...fight for the recognition of our aboriginal rights and respect for our cultures and societies.... knowledge is power. We are dedicated to information-sharing as well as to the fostering of fundamental and necessary research skills for Indian people in the province. U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

  • Western Shoshone Land and Sovereignty "The Western Shoshone have been litigating the territorial integrity of their homeland since at least 1951, when a claim was filed, purportedly in their behalf, before the Indian Claims Commission. A full statement of this history is in Elmer R. Rusco, "Historic Change in Western Shoshone Country: The Establishment of the Western Shoshone National Council and Traditionalist Land Claims,". including Chronology of the Court Actions INTERVENTION IN U.S. v. NYE COUNTY. (You will need to scroll down). From including many links.

  • World Conference Against Racism
  • Yucca Mountain Information Should Yucca Mt. be the place for nuclear waste?, Radiation Basics and health, more...