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Your health is largely determined by your environment and diet.  Using the following internet links you can find out about the water and air in your area, as well as proposed BLM projects that could affect your health, such as spraying of weeds which could leach into your water supply.  This also allows you to make informed complaints and comments on projects that might affect you.  This information is out there just waiting for you to make use of it!

Bureau of Land Management | www.blm.gov/nv/st/en.html

This is the agency that manages the ‘public lands’ which make up 67% of Nevada.  Two places to check often: ‘In the Spotlight’ which gives notice of upcoming and proposed projects, and ‘District/Field Offices’ where more local information can be found.
- BLM Minerals Page
- Nevada Land Records
- Clarification of Native American Consultation Responsibilities [PDF]

Nevada Division of Minerals | http://minerals.state.nv.us/sitemap.htm
            While this branch of the Nevada Commision on Mineral Resources deals largely with permitting,                     inspecting, and monitoring all oil, gas, and geothermal drilling activities on both public and private lands             in Nevada, they also produce insightful publications on location of major mine operations and annual                 production, as well as data on county and state tax revenue derived from the extractive industries.
            - Report: Major Mines in Nevada: 2007 [PDF]
            - Map:     Major Mines in Nevada: 2007 [PDF]
            - Report:  Nevada Net Proceeds of Minerals Taxation: 2007-08 [PDF]
            - Flyer:    Nevada Minerals Industry Fact Sheet - 2008 [PDF]

Western Mining Action Network | www.wman-info.org

Aims to protect communities, land, water, air and wildlife by reforming mining practices and holding government and corporations accountable.
- Technical Reports: http://www.wman-info.org/resources/technicalreports/

Great Basin Resource Watch | www.gbrw.org

Dedicated to environmental justice and promoting the health of the region, both of the land and the people living on the land.  Contains articles on dewatering, the economics of mining, mining legislation and others.

Earthworks Action | www.earthworksaction.org

Mining, Oil & Gas watchgroup with substantial information about the large amount of mercury emitted, particularly by Northern Nevada gold mines, and the potentially negative health effects attributed to mercury among other items, such as acid mind drainage.

Envirolink | www.envirolink.org

Extensive listing of resources for and other organizations involved in working for sustainable and clean environment; links to sites giving information on everything from air quality to habitat conservation and multitude of other topics.

CorpWatch, SourceWatch, Pro Publica and The Right-to-Know Network
www.corpwatch.org; www.sourcewatch.org; www.propublica.org; www.rtknet.org

These four are great resources: the first is a clearing-house for research and journalism to expose corporate wrongdoing [among the corporations they cover, Barrick Gold], while the second is useful if you’re curious as to who is funding a thinktank or action group, wonder the amount of money given by particular corporations to political parties and candidates, or even concerned about coal issues.  The third listing is similar to the first in that it provides alternative journalism on issues concerning the public interest and the last site provides a way of accessing government-held information on the environment, health and safety – for local toxic release information, put in your zip code on the right hand side of the page.