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Dedicated to Breaking the Nuclear Chain, Shundahai is a Newe (Western Shoshone) word meaning
"Peace and Harmony with all Creation"
From Project Underground: Digging Holes in the Spirit - Gold Mining and the Survival of the Western Shoshone Nation
visit: Poo-Ha-Bah Healing Center forTraditional Native Healing project underground
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Bibliography of Books Featuring Western Shoshone Issues

These books are NOT available through the WSDP,  please contact your local library or bookstore.

The Road on Which We Came: A History of the Western Shoshone, by Steven J. Crum. Univ. of Utah Press, 1994.

Newe: A Western Shoshone History, Published by the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada. Printed by Univ. of Utah, 1976.

The Way It Is: One Water… One Air… One Mother Earth, By Corbin Harney. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995.

Weavers of Tradition and Beauty: Basketmakers of the Great Basin, by Mary Fulkerson and Kathleen Curtis. Univ. of Nevada Press, 1995.

Western Shoshoni Grammar, by Beverly Crum and Jon Dayley. Dept. of Anthropology, Boise State Univ., 1993.

Shoshone Mike, by Frank Bergon. Univ. of Nevada Press, 1994.

People of the Seventh Fire: Returning Lifeways of Native America, by Dagmar Thorpe. Akwe:kon Press, 1996.

Handbook of North American Indians: Great Basin, Volume 11. Edited by Warren L. D’Azevedo.  Smithsonian Institution, 1986.

Indian Country, by Peter Matthiessen. Penguin Books, 1984.

Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide and Expropriation in Contemporary North America, by Ward Churchill. Common Courage Press, 1993.

In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of Indian Nations, by Jerry Mander. Sierra Club Books, 1992.

The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization and Resistance, Edited by M. Annette Jaimes. South End Press, 1992.

Basin-Plateau Aborigional Sociopolitical Groups, by Julian H. Steward. United States Government Printing Office, 1938.